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Artesano combines the quality, technology and design of its furniture with the respect for human beings and the environment. A concern  expressed throughout the Artesano entire production process.

It uses raw material from qualified suppliers that produce MDF and MDP with low emission of formaldehyde and some have their own reforestation.

In the productive process, Craftsman treats industrial liquid effluents generated in the paint booths; also treats effluents generated in the toilets and refectory and performs a process of distillation of the solvent generated in the painting processTodo processo moveleiro gera partículas de serragem, na Artesano é feito um monitoramento da emissão destas partículas, através de filtro de manga. Além disso, é realizado um controle das emissões atmosféricas nas cabines de pintura.

Speaking of electricity, the company's pavilion is built with transparent tiles, providing energy savings.

Even so, the company stores in silos the solid waste of the raw material that will be reused in the production of bricks.

From the beginning, Craftsman develops each project with affection. The value of the human element and the concern for the environment makes all the difference, putting in the manufactured furniture, more than work: total dedication for you and for you!